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More About Us

More About Us

KP6 Imports was created with you in mind, to make it a little easier for you to find the things that you want at the best prices.

We are a Canadian based company supplying new and used equipment, boats, engines, tools, special request and more.

Understanding our customers is as important as the Items we provide. At KP6 Imports, we have experience in the automobile industry, farming industry, gravel industry, and in the construction industry.

We know the value of hard work and understand the needs of our customers because we use the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years to run our company.

It can be challenging at times to find parts for your important projects when you need them, and heavy equipment at the right price.

No need to run around anymore looking for a needle in a haystack. Leave it to us, we have got it! Just send in your request.

We only provide quality goods, and we ship it too.

We have been in operation since August 2016 and have served numerous customers since, allowing us to build trusting relationships by providing quality, reliable services. Making us proven to provide guaranteed satisfaction.

Shop with us, because keeping you satisfied is our main priority.

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